A little about me…

I’m currently a senior on campus at W&J with a Business Administration major and a Sociology minor.  I am psyched to have the opportunity to be taking my senior capstone this semester that is a combination of the two: Business & Society!  How cool is that?

My minor has actually lead me to travel to places that I would have never thought possible!  Last January I traveled to Japan and got to experience 6 cities and even live with a host family!  More recently, this past August, I utilized W&J’s Magellan Project and traveled for 3 weeks to Ireland studying the culture and daily life of the people and compared my findings from Ireland with those from my Japan trip! Legit.

I like to be involved and W&J makes it easy to have fun with your involvement.  Currently I am the Treasurer of the Student Government, Executive Director of W&J’s Up ’til Dawn (which you can read more about in my first post), and Vice President of the W&J Lions Club.  In addition, I have the tremendously exciting opportunity to work in Admissions as both a Student Ambassador and Student Fellow.  Ambassadors provide tours to perspective students and their families and Fellows interview preservative students on Saturdays!  Meeting new people is a huge hobby of mine and both of these fun positions let me do what I love!

Other than that I am addicted to coffee and love crunchy snacks; you have a bag of Chex Mix…we’re friends.


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